There are plenty of ways to save money and live well for less.

First things first, if you’re going to get serious about saving money then the first thing you need to do is shop around for the best deal on energy. So many people are still paying way over the odds for their gas and electricity. You don’t want to be one of them.

Almost five million households in the UK switched electricity supplier last year as they looked to cut their energy bills

It’s well known that most people don’t switch – staying with their existing supplier, either out of false sense of loyalty or a misunderstanding of how easy it actually is to switch supplier.

Fortunately, more and more people are now waking up to the possibility of saving money by shopping around for the best deals. According to the industry watchdog – Energy UK – 4.8 million people switched electricity supplier in 2016, compared to 3.8 million in 2015. That’s a million more people in just 12 months.

Of course, millions more could save. It is estimated that around 66% of people are still on standard tariffs. Based on typical usage that means millions of households are overpaying by up to £180 a year.

So, if you haven’t already shopped around for a better deal why not head over to uSwitch now. And in 5 minutes you could see the savings you could make on your utilities and potentially cut your bills by hundreds of pounds.

The uSwitch comparison calculator is free to use and completely independent. Millions of people have used this service to save money. Just enter your postcode and your current energy usage and the comparison calculator will compare gas and electricity tariffs in your area. So you can see the best deals available to you and choose the supplier and tariff that’s best for you.

Switching is very simple – the companies do all the work for you and you won’t get any interruption to your energy supply.